Paiste PST8 14″ Reflector Rock Hi Hats

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Paiste PST8 14″ Reflector Rock Hi Hats


Paiste PST8 Series 14” Reflector Rock Hi Hats – Pair.

Each Cymbal from Paiste’s new PST8 Series has been hand hammered and perfected with the unique handmade reflector finish. These Cymbals are suited for all volume settings and an entire range of music styles. These Halmarks of Swiss workmanship makes the PST8 Cymbals pure Paiste instruments… with a great price tag! Paiste’s PST8 Rock Hi Hats are excellent for louder music genres, especially rock. These strong Hi Hats provide you with clear and cutting open sounds as well as a fat and meaty chick sound. An outstanding lively Hi Hat from Paiste.

Fairly Bright, Powerful, Lush & Defined.


  • CuSn8 Bronze
  • Medium Heavy/Heavy Weight
  • Fairly Long Sustain
  • Pronounced & Clear Stick Sound


  • 14”


  • PST8RHH14

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Paiste PST8 14" Reflector Rock Hi Hats

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